Week 03: Spring

I have gotten so many compliments on this manicure, I can’t even. It was incredibly easy – way easier than it looks. For Week 03 of the 52-Week Challenge, I tried my hand at butterfly nails.


You’re seeing that correctly – that’s my dominant hand. I got the tutorial from Nail Art 101. It took basically no time at all.

After my ridge filler, my base color continued my love affair with butter LONDON’s Trout Pout. On top of that is Essie Licorice, drawn with my spiffy nail brushes. The dark pink shading is Julep’s Lauren, which is very very pink but seems okay here. I’ll have to test it out on its own for summer.

Check out Jenn’s spring nails over at her blog – she seems much more organized than I am, and her graphics are certainly prettier.

Bonus mermaid nails:


Julep’s Lena is the solid, copper-tinged teal, but the real gem here is Urban Outfitter’s Sea Dust, which is a near-dupe to my much-coveted Deborah Lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dream. I’m going to have to try this manicure again except this time with a thinner brush to draw larger scales.

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