Week 08: Yellow

I have been a terrible, no-good, very bad blogger for the past month. I blame it on all the things that have happened – I graduated college, my brother got his PhD, we had two graduation parties, two baby showers for my sister-in-law, we moved them to Boston, and I started working full time. So.

That doesn’t mean I stopped painting my nails! This week for the 52-Week Challenge, the theme was yellow! You can check out Jenn’s nails here.

Week 08: Yellow


This week, I did a three-layer ruffian pattern. Originally, it was just the yellow and pink, but that looked a little too Ronald McDonald for my tastes, so I topped it off with white!

Week 08: Yellow


The base color is Julep’s Lauren, which is so bright and shiny and lovely, but I’m not sure I’d wear it alone since it is hot pink. Then, I layered over Ulta’s Sun-Sational. This was nice and opaque, so it only required one layer. On top of that was my Sally white polish, which is my go-to for white-out white. I probably could have gone with another layer of that, but I didn’t want to mess up my nice lines.

Week 08: Yellow


I got a manicure a few days later for graduation. My nails were nice and long and beautiful… then I got the business end of a pop-open iced-tea jug and broke my right thumb nail.

Becca's Broken Nail


Horrible, right? Once I gently removed the polish on my nail, I cut up a small piece of a tea bag. I painted on a layer of base coat, and while it was still sticky, I fit the tea paper on top and painted over it with the base coat again. When that was completely dry, I filed it down and was able to paint over it.

I’d recommend this method for a nail that you’re not using regularly. Because I’m right-handed, I couldn’t not use my right thumb, and it ultimately became more of a pain than it was worth. I decided to part with my lovely nail and filed it down to a nub. I guess it’ll have to grown back *sigh*.

I will be updating every day until I’m up-to-date with the challenge! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s floral nails!

2 thoughts on “Week 08: Yellow

    • It was so, so devastating 😦 Luckily, nails grow, but it’s almost been a month and my right thumb is still much shorter than my left.

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