Week 10: Glitter

In the interest of catching up to my much more dedicated mani partner, Jenn, I will be posting a manicure every day! This week for the 52-Week Challenge, we switched the theme from Red to Glitter (so that our red manicures would coincide with *gasp* The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones). You can check out Jenn’s lovely glitter manicure here.

Week 10: Glitter


I may have gone a little overboard...

I may have gone a little overboard…

I went with a cloud manicure with all sparkle polishes. The dark black is Zoya Storm, which is an amazing dark polish with holo glitter in it. It’s really perfection that I want to use all the time. The middle shade is barely different, but just enough to add some dimension. I used Zoya FeiFei, which I’ve used before and fallen in love with. It’s a lovely dark blue micro-glitter, and the formula is a dream. The final color is Essie’s Beyond Cozy, which is a little thicker micro-glitter, but amazingly shiny. I outlined with a Color Club white. Finally, on top I covered it in butter LONDON’s Tart with a Heart. It’s my fave!

This is my right hand! But I won't show you my poor nubby thumb just yet...

This is my right hand! But I won’t show you my poor nubby thumb just yet…

I actually think I like the combo on my ring finger best. The FeiFei shows up in that middle stripe, and the darker color on the tip makes my nail look longer. I think I would try it again with that pattern – maybe with more solid colors and not so much glitter!

Pastel Galaxy


As an alternate, here’s my pastel galaxy nails covered in butter’s Tart. This was really fun, but very thick on my nail, which always makes me feel kind of weird.

Next up: Red!

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